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Top Contractor Struggles in 2024: What’s Holding You Back?

Top Contractor Struggles in 2024: What’s Holding You Back?

Hey contractors and home service pros, what are you struggling with right now in 2024? Take a look at these common challenges:

  • Is it cash flow? Are you having cash flow struggles?
  • Are you facing labor shortages?
  • How about quality leads? Is getting quality leads a problem?
  • What about social media? Are you struggling with all the different platforms and trying to get attention for your company?
  • Are material costs giving you a hard time?
  • What about technology? Are you struggling with integrating technology into your business?
  • And how about work-life balance?

These are some of the issues I’d love to hear from you about. What are your current pain points? What are you struggling with?

Hop over to It’s a free contractor community where you can ask questions and connect with other contractors. Plus, I have a bunch of different training modules to help out as well.

So, check out I’d love to see you in there, and I would love for you to post what you’re currently struggling with so we can get some answers.