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Paul Meyers interviews Crystal Taylor from Hair Prosthesis

Paul Meyers interviews Crystal Taylor from Hair Prosthesis

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Paul Meyers 0:01
Hey everybody, here we are with crystal Taylor from wig boutique and hair prosthesis in Barrie, Crystal, how are you?

Crystal Taylor 0:09
Good, how are you?

Paul Meyers 0:10
Excellent. Thank you. Listen, thanks for coming on, greatly appreciate it. This is all about support local business, and you’re local, you’re in the 705 area exchange, which is a big exchange. And you’re also part of BNI, which is how we met. So tell us a little bit about your business.

Crystal Taylor 0:31
Sure. Thank you very much, Paul. So what we do is we are a hair prosthetic center. Now that can mean anything from wigs, extensions, hairpieces halos to full-on hair replacement that is not medically based. That’s all right. Sorry. That’s good. Yes, it happens in the background, right. So that’s what we do here. So whether or not it’s fashion purposes or medical purposes, we are here to help whether something’s look, somebody is looking for something just for fun, like what I’m wearing today, which has a tinge of purple and some roots and wants to change their color, or they’re more coming for a medical reason, because they’re going through treatment or some sort of transition, and they need our assistance. We’re here to help for both.

Paul Meyers 1:14
It’s awesome. I think I’ve met you three times on zoom in the last week. And each time it was a little bit different. So it’s quite, it’s quite, it’s quite awesome. Good for you.