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Paul Meyers interviews Lawrence Roberts, Executive Director/CEO at BNI Ontario Central North.


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Paul Meyers 0:01
Hey everybody, I’m here we are with Lawrence Roberts, executive director and franchise owner of 25 BNI chapters. Lawrence, how are you?

Lawrence 0:11
I’m doing really well. How are you, Paul?

Excellent. Thank you. Listen, thanks so much for coming on. I greatly appreciate this. I, I’ve been, you know, drumming on the BNI bandwagon for so long that I thought it would be great if we can get you in here just to talk a little bit about, you know, BNI the benefits. What is BNI? So maybe we’ll start with that and just say, Lawrence, tell me a little bit about what BNI is?

Lawrence 0:42
Definitely? Well, a good place to start is what BNI actually stands for, I say BNI about a bazillion times a day. And I often forget that people don’t know what it means. It actually stands for Business Network International. So what we are is we are a global organization of business professionals, sales professionals passing referrals to one another, supporting one another, and really bridging the gaps between communities, cities, countries, nations all over the world.

And so we have about 280,000 to 290,000 members worldwide. And so what we do is say is we are a global network. And what we do is we build local chapters. And so within those local chapters, what we do is we help business professionals we teach, train, mentor support, do whatever we can to help those professionals to grow their business and support network, that is BNI. And so we grow our business through referrals, we grow our business through collaboration through peer to peer ideas, sharing and mentoring and just really helping one another, to be a bigger impact and to accomplish more in our lives and in our business.