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Paul Meyers interviews Christina Geddes from Just Natural Holistic Spa in Haileybury, ON

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Paul Meyers (00:00):

Hey, Hey, Hey everybody. Here we are with Christina Geddes from Just Natural Holistic Spa. Christina, how are you today?

Christina Geddes (00:08):

I am doing great. How are you doing?

Paul Meyers (00:10):

Excellent. Listen, thanks for hopping on, it’s short notice, but this is all about supporting local business in Northern Ontario and to try and get (in these challenging times) as many eyeballs and as much attention on your business as possible. So saying that, tell us a little bit about Just Natural Holistic Spa.

Christina Geddes (00:29):

Well, Just Natural Holistic Spa started in Timmins. Crystal Losier is a myomassology practitioner there who started bringing in other partners and so now we’ve got a fully functioning eight partner location in Timmins, and then back in July, I decided I was going to open a location here in Haileybury Ontario. We’re all over the place.

Paul Meyers (00:51):

Nice. And did you say your daughter was part of this as well?

Christina Geddes (00:54):

So Crystal Losier is my oldest daughter. Yeah. So bragging rights on that one.