Shocking Truth: 5 Easy Steps to Make Prospects Love and Trust You!

So this is how you can build the “Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me” factor with your prospects and customers. In the beginning, people are highly skeptical when getting to know you. Our goal is to lower their skepticism and build a high level of trust so they exchange information with you and potentially buy your products and services.

The process involves five touchpoints if you own and control the prospect’s email and phone number. On day 1, after capturing their email, send an email to help lower their skepticism. For example, “Did you know we offer financing?”

A couple of days later, send another email with customer testimonials or social proof, saying, “Don’t believe us? Here’s what our customers are saying.”

On the third or fourth day, continue with another touchpoint, structuring a total of five points of contact. This will lower their skepticism and increase the chances of them buying from you because they now have a high level of trust.

This is what we call the “Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me” factor, and it’s achieved after providing a high-value content offer. Typically, we use an opt-in format offering a free digital download in exchange for their name, email, and phone number. Ensure the content is high-quality, relevant, and valuable.

Once they opt-in, you have their email and phone number, allowing you to trigger these four or five different events. By emailing them every other day for five or six days, you’ll bring down their level of skepticism and show them you can deliver on your promises.

I hope this explanation helps you understand the process of building trust and rapport with prospects through strategic email marketing.