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Paul Meyers interviews Christina Geddes from Just Natural Holistic Spa in Haileybury, ON

Paul Meyers interviews Christina Geddes from Just Natural Holistic Spa in Haileybury, ON

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Paul Meyers (00:00):

Hey, Hey, Hey everybody. Here we are with Christina Geddes from Just Natural Holistic Spa. Christina, how are you today?

Christina Geddes (00:08):

I am doing great. How are you doing?

Paul Meyers (00:10):

Excellent. Listen, thanks for hopping on, it’s short notice, but this is all about supporting local business in Northern Ontario and to try and get (in these challenging times) as many eyeballs and as much attention on your business as possible. So saying that, tell us a little bit about Just Natural Holistic Spa.

Christina Geddes (00:29):

Well, Just Natural Holistic Spa started in Timmins. Crystal Losier is a myomassology practitioner there who started bringing in other partners and so now we’ve got a fully functioning eight partner location in Timmins, and then back in July, I decided I was going to open a location here in Haileybury Ontario. We’re all over the place.

Paul Meyers (00:51):

Nice. And did you say your daughter was part of this as well?

Christina Geddes (00:54):

So Crystal Losier is my oldest daughter. Yeah. So bragging rights on that one.

Paul Meyers (00:58):

That’s awesome. Okay. So Just Natural holistic Spa tell me about some of the products and services that you’re offering.

Christina Geddes (01:07):

The first thing that we’ve ever done has always been Myomassology So it’s a massage modality. It’s very energy-based. Our focus is getting people to relax and so that’s kind of become everything else that we do is always about people feeling good about themselves. Being able to relax and distress, undo the damage that our day-to-day insanity does to us even more so in the last little while. So if you’re going to our website, you’re going to be without the lockdown, you’d be able to book service either in your home or in the spa. Now we are still doing a lot of retail and curbside delivery of body care and facial care kits that we’ve put together in both locations to help you take care of yourself, especially right now, I think self-care has always been important and we’ve always talked the talk, but now I think people are starting to realize how the stress has really affected them on all levels. We’re sitting still long enough. There were noticing.

Paul Meyers (02:11):

Absolutely. Yeah.


Christina Geddes (02:14):

We are trying to do our best to make sure that we’re offering services and products that people can use themselves so that they are taking care of themselves. A good habit to build. And now is your time to do it. So why not?

Paul Meyers (02:31):

Yes, for sure. And I think you’re one of the only mobile providers that I’m aware of in that space anyway. Talk to us a little bit about that. So you just show up at our offices or homes with a table?

Christina Geddes (02:45):

Yeah, so I started doing that a couple of years ago. I had a couple of clients who were really having a tough time getting away from the kids or getting away from their schedule. I don’t have any small kids at home anymore. So I said, yeah, right. Well, if I brought the table to you and that began it, so it’s easier for the client. So I show up table linens oils, all that fun stuff, music, the whole nine yards and pop it up in whatever room is available. I’ve been in kitchens, I’ve been in a large bathroom. I have been in an office space and a spare office.

Paul Meyers (03:19):

I was going to say, that’d be great for corporate clients to bring you in to help with relaxation for their employees. That’d be a great idea.

Christina Geddes (03:27):

Yeah, it is amazing. So even if we’re doing one-hour segments you have to think that the investment you’re putting into paying for the service and giving the person the one hour off the flip over is their productivity, their loyalty to you. Right. So it does pay off in spades. Also, do nail services in the home too. So that’s been good for a lot of seniors who don’t just want the clip, clip, clip. They actually want to get their feet, scrubbed and pampered and colored and pretty colors. And so we do that as well.

Paul Meyers (04:02):

Awesome. Well, good. That’s good. Okay. So COVID, we’re, you know, obviously we’re in another shutdown, you guys are fully closed except for just curbside body care, that sort of thing.

Christina Geddes (04:13):


Speaker 1 (04:15):

Yeah, it’s sad. We’re gonna get through it again, this is why I want to do this is to make sure that we get as many people to know about your business. So you’re located in? Your Haileybury location is what’s the address there?

Christina Geddes (04:30):

We’re at 307 main street. It’s the Harbourview Suites, a beautiful building, actually was rebuilt in 1912. So it’s got a lot of old character and we look over the big Lake here. So it’s amazing. During COVID though, we are doing a lot of things that gift certificate sales. So if anybody wants to go either onto the website or contact each of us directly, talk to us about some of the products and services we have. So that’s always a big help to every small business, generate some income while we’re not working.

Paul Meyers (05:05):

And our spouses really enjoy receiving those gift certificates because I have done one for my wife and daughter through Christmas and they can’t wait to use it now, of course, like they’re like, okay, come on, open up. They’re well-received so gift certificates are a great idea. Buy them now so that when we do open that back up again, all they have to do is make a quick call booking in, and that’s good.

Christina Geddes (05:29):

A hundred percent.

Speaker 1 (05:32):

What about your Timmins location is it also called Just Natural Holistic Spa?

Christina Geddes (05:37):

Yes, it is. Yeah. And it’s located in the Pine Plaza, which is at the corner of the 2nd Avenue in Pine South in Timmins, a beautiful location. There are seven ladies who are partners in that location. And I’ll show up there once or twice a month. They will travel down here to Haileybury once or twice a month because there are services that we kind of offset. And I have been invited to come down to North Bay once we’re able to do mobile. A handful of clients want me to let them know when I’m down that way.

Paul Meyers (06:12):

Right. I think North Bay would be a great market for you. It’s relatively close hour and a half away. Even if you had like one day a week here, that’d be awesome. And we’ll push that message out and make sure everybody knows that you’re coming. That’s awesome. Christina, listen, thank you so much for hopping on. I greatly appreciate it. And remember tough times don’t last tough people do. We’re going to get through this all good.

Christina Geddes (06:35):

Lots of lessons learned. I think that’s one of this year. We’ve had it, so that’s good. Thank you so much for your time.

Speaker 1 (06:41):

You’re welcome. Thank you. We’ll talk again. Bye. Bye.


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