Importance of a CRM

Importance of a CRM

✅ 1. Center business growth around your customers.
✅ 2. Align your sales, marketing, and service teams.
✅ 3. Sync and share data with ease.
✅ 4. Automate daily tasks.
✅ 5. Create workflows.
✅ 6. Simplify customer interactions.
✅ 7. Build custom dashboards and report on the metrics that matter to your business.
✅ 8. Increase sales as you deploy LIVE 2-way SMS chat
✅ 9. Centralize Customer Data
✅10. Identify and convert more leads
✅11. Increase Customer Retention Rates
✅ 12. Make Intelligent, Data-Driven Decisions
✅ It’s just a good business decision to use a CRM
And so much more. . .

Hey, why in the hell am I so passionate about using a CRM for your local business? I post about it constantly. I talk about it constantly. I’m inside of one constantly, everybody I see, I mentioned to them, they need one. It’s because it works in this day and age you need a CRM to propel your business forward.

If you’re trying to make additional sales, if you’re trying to engage with your clients, if you’re trying to put some automation in place, you need to CRM. There are a thousand of them out there. I think ours is pretty awesome. And I’d love you to demo it and try it or try it. That’s why I’m passionate about it because you can do so much with it.

Calendaring, workflows, automation, your content planner, automation. All of these things can be done inside of a CRM, content content, a customer relationship management tool or a platform. Ours is basically an all-in-one sales and marketing platform with a bit of an AI assistant attached to it, where you can write content via AI, and get images via AI.

It’s pretty cool. That’s why I’m passionate about it. I could talk about CRMs all day long because I see the value they add to the conversation. People want to talk, let’s say live two-way text chat. People want to text back and forth. Well, if your website doesn’t have that ability, you’re losing some conversations because there is an audience out there that doesn’t want to call you.

That’s the next level of commitment. They don’t want that. They want to text first. So give them that option. Does your website have live two-way text chat? If not, Let’s talk. These are basic things that you need to have dialed into any sort of online presence. I can go on and on, but I’ll leave it there.


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