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Double Your Business in 12 Months with These Simple Tweaks!

Double Your Business in 12 Months with These Simple Tweaks!

Good morning! Today, I want to talk about doubling your business in 12 months or less. This strategy has been successful in various businesses by making small incremental changes. These small levers can move big doors and make a significant difference.

As a business owner, it’s crucial to know your numbers. I’ll show you how. Let me share my screen.

[Screen sharing begins]

Assuming you can see my screen, where it says “Double Your Business in 12 Months,” let’s look at a business owner’s current numbers. On the left, we have current metrics: 10 new monthly leads, an average sale value of $5,000, and a 20% close rate. This translates to $10,000 in monthly revenue and $120,000 annually.

Now, consider a 25% increase in each of these areas. Leads increase from 10 to 12.5, average sale value from $5,000 to $6,250, and close rate from 20% to 25%. These small increases nearly double your revenue from $120,000 to $234,000 annually.

You might wonder, how do we achieve this 25% increase in each category? Here’s how:

1. Increase Leads:

  • Deploy Digital Assets: Create additional websites (rank and rent or lead gen) to generate more leads.
  • Paid Traffic Campaigns: Use platforms like Facebook, Google PPC, Google Display, or TikTok ads to drive traffic.
  • Join BNI: Business Networking International chapters are global and help increase lead flow and referrals.
  • Join the Chamber of Commerce: For SEO benefits and networking with local business owners.

2. Increase Average Sale Value:

  • Upsell: Add complementary services (e.g., gutter cleaning, pressure washing) to existing ones.
  • Increase Pricing: Evaluate and adjust your pricing to see what the market can tolerate.
  • Add More Products/Services: Expand your offerings to include upgraded services.

3. Improve Conversion Rates:

  • Answer the Phone: Ensure you or someone on your team answers calls promptly.
  • Follow-Up Process: Implement a follow-up system, ideally within the first five minutes of contact.
  • Scripting: Develop scripts for your sales team to ensure consistency and efficiency.

To summarize, know your numbers: leads per month, closing rate, and average sales value. Apply a 25-30% increase, and you can significantly boost your revenue.

Remember, small levers move big doors. Consistently applying small tweaks to your business can yield massive benefits. I’ll share a screenshot of this and leave it in the channel.

If you have questions, hit me up. I love helping business owners grow. We specialize in digital marketing, SEO, lead generation, CRMs, and more. Visit for our free community on Skool, where you can access training and connect with other contractors.

I’m Paul Myers from Clerk Communications, working with contractors and home service entrepreneurs since 2016. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you!