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Paul Meyers interviews Kimberly Lediett and Trevor Hurd from Coat of Arms Wood Care Professionals

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Paul Meyers (00:00):

Hey, Hey, Hey everybody. Here we are with Kimberly and Trevor Hurd from Coat of Arms Wood Care Professionals. Good morning. How are you guys?

Kimberly & Trevor (00:09):

Good morning, Paul. We’re great. Thanks. Good morning.

Paul Meyers (00:12):

Okay, thanks. Hey, listen. Thanks for hopping on. I know this is sometimes last minute and you know, you’re wondering, well, what are we going to do? What kind of questions? We’re just here to talk about your business. This is, this is going to be posted in support of local business in Northern Ontario. These are changing and challenging times. So anything we can do to kind of get your message out there and get your service out there. And that’s what we’re here for. So Coat of Arms Wood Care Professionals. Tell us a little bit about what this business is.

Kimberly & Trevor (00:45):

It’s more of a beautification business. Paul, we restore log homes, cedar homes, barns decks, fences, you name it. We make them look pretty again.

Paul Meyers (01:00):

Okay. That’s awesome.

Kimberly & Trevor (01:02):

Yeah. As opposed to being all gray and black in that

Paul Meyers (01:06):

Yeah, The sun, wears the wood. You guys come in behind it. And what does your process look like? How do you make it? How do you beautify that home?

Kimberly & Trevor (01:14):

We would either use pressure washers or a, we do a corn cob blasting, which is, which is like sandblasting, except we use a corn.

Paul Meyers (01:27):