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Turn on Messaging in your Google Business Profile

Turn on “MESSAGING” inside your Google Business Profile – the lowest barrier of entry for a potential prospect to reach out to you is in text messaging.
Using your FREE Google Business Profile and turning on the Messages feature will get you more phone calls and make you more money guaranteed.
Just remember you MUST respond to any messages within 24 hours or Google will turn off that specific feature on your GBP because it wants the user to have the best experience possible.
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All In One Sales & Marketing Platform

All In One Sales & Marketing Platform

What if we could help your business get more customers organically without having to spend more money on ads?

And what if we could get your business more visible and attractive online where you become the King or Queen in your category?

Our goal is we want to help you and your business become more accurate in Google’s and the public eyes.

We want to optimize your GMB [Google My Business] listing and help you acquire more Google Reviews, which will help you in the local rankings not to mention customers buy based on local trusted reviews.

We simply attach our software and give you access to an APP that you can download so your phone can start ringing and SMS Text messages can start to arrive.

Have you ever received SMS / Text messages from your Google My Business listing before?

We offer so much more, but I don’t want to bombard you with that, what I want to do is get you some quick wins using some core basic strategies/features and automation to help bring in more sales, and if you like what you see and you think we are a good fit then perfect let’s talk about more features for all your marketing efforts.

Check out the video below.

Does this sound interesting?

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Let’s put Google to work for you and start growing your business.

Paul Meyers – SEO Strategist & Lead Generation Specialist