Unleash Funnel Magic: Get 5X More Leads with This Secret Strategy!

Unleash Funnel Magic: Get 5X More Leads with This Secret Strategy!

Hey everyone, this is all about funnel magic! Why should a contractor care about this? Because it gets more leads into your system and your pipeline, allowing you to nurture them and grow your business. This process builds a relationship through the “know me, like me, trust me” stages of marketing.

Step one: Imagine you’re running an ad on Facebook. This ad should offer a free gift – something of real value. Remember, even the best websites convert at around 2%, while landing pages convert at about 10%. That’s a five-fold increase in conversions! So, definitely consider this approach.

Your website is great for many things, but it’s not the best at converting visitors. If you’re running paid traffic, like an ad on Facebook or Instagram, direct it towards a free offer. For example, “Get my free renovation tips” or “Download the 2024 Kitchen Renovation Guide.” This free offer will attract prospects.

When they click on the offer, it brings them to an opt-in page. This is where the magic happens. Here, you collect their name, email, and phone number, so you can market to them later.

Once they submit their information, send them to another landing page. This page might have a video sales letter from your team, tailored to your specific service – whether it’s kitchen renovations, HVAC, or something else. Make sure to email them a link to download their free PDF or document right away.

What have you accomplished? You’ve educated a potential prospect and added them to your pipeline. Now, you can continue nurturing them with an email sequence. This could be a 10-part series, a 50-part series, or even a 3-part series – whatever works best for your business.

This method, from the ad to the opt-in to the landing page, works so much better than just sending traffic to your website.

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