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Paul Meyers interviews Christina Geddes from Just Natural Holistic Spa in Haileybury, ON

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Paul Meyers (00:00):

Hey, Hey, Hey everybody. Here we are with Christina Geddes from Just Natural Holistic Spa. Christina, how are you today?

Christina Geddes (00:08):

I am doing great. How are you doing?

Paul Meyers (00:10):

Excellent. Listen, thanks for hopping on, it’s short notice, but this is all about supporting local business in Northern Ontario and to try and get (in these challenging times) as many eyeballs and as much attention on your business as possible. So saying that, tell us a little bit about Just Natural Holistic Spa.

Christina Geddes (00:29):

Well, Just Natural Holistic Spa started in Timmins. Crystal Losier is a myomassology practitioner there who started bringing in other partners and so now we’ve got a fully functioning eight partner location in Timmins, and then back in July, I decided I was going to open a location here in Haileybury Ontario. We’re all over the place.

Paul Meyers (00:51):

Nice. And did you say your daughter was part of this as well?

Christina Geddes (00:54):

So Crystal Losier is my oldest daughter. Yeah. So bragging rights on that one.


Paul Meyers interviews Kimberly Lediett and Trevor Hurd from Coat of Arms Wood Care Professionals

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Paul Meyers (00:00):

Hey, Hey, Hey everybody. Here we are with Kimberly and Trevor Hurd from Coat of Arms Wood Care Professionals. Good morning. How are you guys?

Kimberly & Trevor (00:09):

Good morning, Paul. We’re great. Thanks. Good morning.

Paul Meyers (00:12):

Okay, thanks. Hey, listen. Thanks for hopping on. I know this is sometimes last minute and you know, you’re wondering, well, what are we going to do? What kind of questions? We’re just here to talk about your business. This is, this is going to be posted in support of local business in Northern Ontario. These are changing and challenging times. So anything we can do to kind of get your message out there and get your service out there. And that’s what we’re here for. So Coat of Arms Wood Care Professionals. Tell us a little bit about what this business is.

Kimberly & Trevor (00:45):

It’s more of a beautification business. Paul, we restore log homes, cedar homes, barns decks, fences, you name it. We make them look pretty again.

Paul Meyers (01:00):

Okay. That’s awesome.

Kimberly & Trevor (01:02):

Yeah. As opposed to being all gray and black in that

Paul Meyers (01:06):

Yeah, The sun, wears the wood. You guys come in behind it. And what does your process look like? How do you make it? How do you beautify that home?

Kimberly & Trevor (01:14):

We would either use pressure washers or a, we do a corn cob blasting, which is, which is like sandblasting, except we use a corn.

Paul Meyers (01:27):


Local Video Interviews

Paul Meyers interviews Crystal Taylor from Hair Prosthesis

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Paul Meyers 0:01
Hey everybody, here we are with crystal Taylor from wig boutique and hair prosthesis in Barrie, Crystal, how are you?

Crystal Taylor 0:09
Good, how are you?

Paul Meyers 0:10
Excellent. Thank you. Listen, thanks for coming on, greatly appreciate it. This is all about support local business, and you’re local, you’re in the 705 area exchange, which is a big exchange. And you’re also part of BNI, which is how we met. So tell us a little bit about your business.

Crystal Taylor 0:31
Sure. Thank you very much, Paul. So what we do is we are a hair prosthetic center. Now that can mean anything from wigs, extensions, hairpieces halos to full-on hair replacement that is not medically based. That’s all right. Sorry. That’s good. Yes, it happens in the background, right. So that’s what we do here. So whether or not it’s fashion purposes or medical purposes, we are here to help whether something’s look, somebody is looking for something just for fun, like what I’m wearing today, which has a tinge of purple and some roots and wants to change their color, or they’re more coming for a medical reason, because they’re going through treatment or some sort of transition, and they need our assistance. We’re here to help for both.

Paul Meyers 1:14
It’s awesome. I think I’ve met you three times on zoom in the last week. And each time it was a little bit different. So it’s quite, it’s quite, it’s quite awesome. Good for you.

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Paul Meyers Interviews Ray Snow, President of Heartzap Safety Training & Equipment

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Paul Meyers 0:01
Hey everybody, here we are with Ray snow, president of heart zap safety training and equipment. Ray, how are you?

Ray Snow 0:09
Not bad yourself?

Paul Meyers 0:11
Excellent. Listen, thank you so much for coming on. Sorry, we were laughing before we started recording. So you kind of caught me off guard a little bit. But thank you for coming on. I appreciate it.

Ray Snow 0:21
Thanks for the opportunity.

Paul Meyers 0:22
Yeah. So tell us a little bit about HeartZap. Now, let me just interject and say I thinking Heartzap was originated from a doctor here in North Bay. And then I’ll let you take it from there.

Ray Snow 0:37
So Heartzap started back in 2002. In June, by Dr. David Henstridge resided in new in North Bay, and obviously, he was instrumental in getting defibrillators throughout Northern Ontario. And I started working for him back a number of years ago. And, you know, he just recently I guess, wanted to retire from, I guess, part of partial retire in the business, and we had taken over from him. almost five years ago. However, Dr. David Henstridge is still involved with our business. He’s still our medical director. Both our training programs and also our defibrillators. He does all of our data reads throughout Canada for us.

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Paul Meyers interviews Lawrence Roberts, Executive Director/CEO at BNI Ontario Central North.


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Paul Meyers 0:01
Hey everybody, I’m here we are with Lawrence Roberts, executive director and franchise owner of 25 BNI chapters. Lawrence, how are you?

Lawrence 0:11
I’m doing really well. How are you, Paul?

Excellent. Thank you. Listen, thanks so much for coming on. I greatly appreciate this. I, I’ve been, you know, drumming on the BNI bandwagon for so long that I thought it would be great if we can get you in here just to talk a little bit about, you know, BNI the benefits. What is BNI? So maybe we’ll start with that and just say, Lawrence, tell me a little bit about what BNI is?

Lawrence 0:42
Definitely? Well, a good place to start is what BNI actually stands for, I say BNI about a bazillion times a day. And I often forget that people don’t know what it means. It actually stands for Business Network International. So what we are is we are a global organization of business professionals, sales professionals passing referrals to one another, supporting one another, and really bridging the gaps between communities, cities, countries, nations all over the world.

And so we have about 280,000 to 290,000 members worldwide. And so what we do is say is we are a global network. And what we do is we build local chapters. And so within those local chapters, what we do is we help business professionals we teach, train, mentor support, do whatever we can to help those professionals to grow their business and support network, that is BNI. And so we grow our business through referrals, we grow our business through collaboration through peer to peer ideas, sharing and mentoring and just really helping one another, to be a bigger impact and to accomplish more in our lives and in our business.

Local Video Interviews

Reflexology by Asheena

Reflexology by Asheena
In this video, Paul Meyers of Clark Communications in North Bay interviews Asheena Tilbury of Reflexology by Asheena.


During this interview, Asheena Tilbury discusses all the services she offers at her new business located in North Bay called Reflexology by Asheena


☕️ Grab a coffee and take a listen.


Check out the website at


or call 705-498-8249


Thank you, Asheena for taking the time to speak with me today.


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Clark Communications is a North Bay & area SEO and Digital Marketing & Communications Company that focuses on working with business owners in making their phones ring!


If you would like your business interviewed, please contact Paul at [email protected] or by phone at ?705-491-2627