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Social Media Ad Starter Kit – FREE DOWNLOAD

Social Media Ad Starter Kit – FREE DOWNLOAD
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Finally… Social Media & Content Marketing That Produces Real Results

Learn How Our Unique Process Can Help You Increase Leads & Sales

My name is Paul Meyers and I am a marketing fanatic with Clark Communications.

I’m so glad you found us and claimed your free social media starter kit!

As promised, here is a link to download our 7-Step Social Media Plan…

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Also, if you haven’t booked your free strategy session, I would do so now. It is completely free and you’ll leave with crystal clarity on how to grow your business with social and content marketing…

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In fact, after our time together, you’ll know more than MOST businesses.

The scary thing is that most owners and managers still don’t know the true impact effective social media can have on their business. It’s no wonder that they fail to invest adequate resources into it.

The truth is, despite the fact that marketing is more important today than ever before…

The average small business spends only 2-3% of its annual revenue on marketing…

Compare that to a world-renowned company like Google, which spends 12% of its annual revenue on marketing. Not only that, it is increasing its marketing budget by 23% year after year.

That begs the question…

Why would a company like Google, the most popular website and brand in the world, be increasing its marketing spend every year?

Because Google knows that consistent, effective marketing is the key to its increasing revenue and continuous growth.

What does that mean to you?

Take a look at your biggest competitors.

Are they actively marketing their products or services? Are they actively engaging their customers to warm them up for future sales?

The fastest and most reliable way to gain a competitive advantage over your competition is to beat them at the social media game. It’s all about creating targeted and compelling campaigns.

How do you do that?

I can’t wait to show you in our 15-minute strategy session…

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See you soon,

Paul Meyers
Clark Communications
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Clark Automation – All – In – One Sales Enablement Platform for Businesses

It’s no secret.

Today’s consumer wants convenience and like things on the go.

They want to be listened to and receive instant solutions to their queries.

This can often make or break the customer service experience.

That’s why Clark Automation makes convenient interactions easy for you.

Whether your customers want to connect with you via text, Facebook Messenger, Google, Instagram, or website.

All messages now come to one easy-to-use inbox, so you don’t have to check a dozen different sites from the platform.

From here you can send SMS or email, answer questions, schedule appointments, take payments, and close more deals simply by messaging back and forth with your customers.

When someone searches for a business like yours, they will look at your reviews, so unless you have more positive reviews, they’ll choose someone else.

Luckily, Clark Automation makes it easy to collect hundreds or even 1000s of reviews from your customers.

Simply send a review invitation or create automation that requests customer reviews right after the sale or maybe right after a service is completed.

It will take them 30 seconds or less to leave the review.

Now those reviews will show up on the search result and increase your ranking that matters most.

Clark Automation also comes packed with a variety of super-powered features like powerful marketing automation, workflow builder, automated booking bot, call tracking, web chat widget pipeline management payments, online scheduling for men survey builder, website and funnel builder, and more.

Plus, our advanced reporting will show you exactly where your leads are coming from and if your website or ads are doing their job.

So why are you waiting?

Put your business way in front of your competitors get more leads, and convert more of those leads to paying customers by getting started with Clark Automation today.

Clark Automation

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Local Citations Matter –


BlackFriday deal for local Citations – Name/Address/Phone Number in 300 different directories.

You only have 1 week of this offer so before you throw your keyboard out the window out of frustration READ this 👇

Okay, we know you weren’t about to throw your keyboard anywhere right this moment, but we KNOW that as an SEO expert creating local citations for your clients can be a frustrating experience.


Use Coupon Code: PaulBlackFriday2022

Regular Annual Price: $2,970 – Save $1,000 this week only for Black Friday.

Our Unlimited Agency Plan allows you to scale your agency, not your overhead!

There have probably been many times you have felt like ditching your keyboard, especially when the sites you list the businesses on keep getting dropped by google!

We make SEO easy with:
⭐️ 300 Local Citations
🖥️ 300 Individual Servers with Unique IP’s
📍 Google Map Embeds
🙌 Unique Content
🔗 Relevant Backlinks
👍 Social Profiles
✅ All individual profile pages are built with Local Schema

We want to help your agency scale with AUTOMATED local citations, but we also want to make this process painless!

1️⃣ Simply sign up and choose your no-contract plan
2️⃣ Fill out your profile
3️⃣ Anddddd wait for it! That’s it! You’re DONE!

Need to make updates or tweaks on your Local Citation Instantly? No problem!

Local citations are really that easy when you team up with us!

Tap below to get started with step one! 👇


We have the BEST CRM for small business. Let’s talk

Hey Hey Hey, I am back atta it always workin,  bouncing on my little ball trying to increase my core strength. Darn chiropractors,

Hey, listen.

Having a CRM a customer relationship management tool is the single most important thing in business.

It allows you to automate processes and systems to generate more leads more sales and bring in more revenue.

As we go into tougher times. As a business owner, you’re gonna need this tool.

It is the single most important tool to add to your tool bucket.

To help you get through some tough times.

So listen, you know, there’s been some chips out there,

Google just had a major algorithm update, which has taken some sites and plummeted.

So now those sites won’t see some lead flow.

So you need to make sure they have many and multiple resources, and lead flow sources, but you also have to make sure that coming into a platform, we can handle them, message them text them, email them, send real scores, voice drops, and wherever that might look like.

So listen, don’t let these types of times discourage you see that ROI return on investment.

I’m gonna give you some of the best ROI you’ve ever seen, because I’ve got the best CRM ever been, thanks



HEY HEY HEY, If you’re a business owner . . . take 1:24 seconds and watch this. . . then hit me up here Text 705-242-2388

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All – In – One CRM – Kick the recession to the curb and save money

All-in-one sales enablement platform

The BEST CRM for your local business.

Software applications are essential for managing customer relationships and streamlining business processes.

However, the costs of subscribing to multiple software applications can quickly add up, especially for small businesses.

Fortunately, there’s a CRM software platform that consolidates all of the features of 14+ different applications into one, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

CLARKLeads is an all-in-one platform that includes features such as SMS messaging, social media marketing, sales tracking, sales stages, contact manager, live chat widget, funnel builder, opportunities and more.

Imaging having ONE conversations panel where all your SMS, FB Messenger, Instagram, Live WebChats, and more are in one area, no more wondering where you last connected with a prospect or customer.

It also offers a wide range of integrations with popular software applications, making it easy to connect all of your business systems in one place.

Best of all, CLARKLeads is much more affordable than subscribing to multiple software applications separately.

In fact, most customers save hundreds of dollars per month by using CLARKLeads instead of 14+ different software applications.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your business’s software costs, then be sure to check out CLARKLeads today.

Let’s talk Clark Communications

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Business Owners CRM

SMS for Small Business – How to compete with the big dawg’s!

Hey, for all the business owners out there, listen, if you want to compete with the big dogs, you’ve gotta use technology to do that. So, you know when you get a text message sent to you from a business that you just visited and said, you know, Hey, thanks for your service, and hey, would you mind giving us a Google review?

That’s an automation that’s done through a text message. And we have software that is capable of doing all of this for small businesses. So listen, hit me up. Let’s have a chat about what we could do to simplify your systems and processes and to make everything kind of work in one area. So can you imagine?

All of your text messages, your form submissions, your Facebook Messenger, your TikTok, your WhatsApp all your SMSs, if they were all in one kind of unified conversations tab or panel, that’s something our CRM system can do for you. It’s not very expensive, and yet it can make you appear so much larger.

And more competitive to the next door big company that’s in your market. So take a look at it. Gimme a call. Let’s have a chat. Thanks.

Contact Paul Meyers at 705-242-2388 (Text or Call)

Clark Communications

Contractor Marketing

Contractor Websites


We specialize in building Contractor Websites that rank! Renovation Contractors, HVAC, Plumbing.

We are here to help and we love working with contractors of all types.

Hit me up today and let’s have a chat.

Paul Meyers

Clark Communications

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Looking for predicable reliable monthly flow of leads, opportunities and sales?

If you’re missing a predictable,

a reliable flow of leads,

opportunities, or sales,

we need to chat.

Hit me up.

Clark Communications
Paul Meyers

Business Owners Digital Marketing Tips

Your Blog, Website and your Google Business Profile are little antenna’s that provide signals to Google.


Hey, hey, hey!

Your blog,

your website,

your Google Business profile,

these are like little antennas

all around your area,

but I’ve got a few more

that you could be using

to drive even more traffic

and more sales

to your business.

Hit me up.

Let’s have a chat.

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