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a reliable flow of leads,

opportunities, or sales,

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Your Blog, Website and your Google Business Profile are little antenna’s that provide signals to Google.


Hey, hey, hey!

Your blog,

your website,

your Google Business profile,

these are like little antennas

all around your area,

but I’ve got a few more

that you could be using

to drive even more traffic

and more sales

to your business.

Hit me up.

Let’s have a chat.

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Digital Marketing Tips

Easy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for fast easy SMS and email communications.


Hey, hey, hey!

Listen, if you’re a business owner,

one of your biggest pain points

is managing all the conversations

and the engagements

with customers and prospects.

And if that’s you,

you need to hit me up.

We can have a short discussion.

I can show you

how we can easily manage

these customers,

these interactions,

these engagements,

all in one simple place.

Talk soon.


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Digital Marketing Tips

SEO This Might Shock You! – Search Engine Optimization it’s easy and fun just takes lots of work.

Hey, hey, hey, I’m back.


SEO does not have to be difficult.

It’s actually quite simple,

but there’s a few things

that you have to do,

in order to get the rankings

that you’re looking for.

So it’s not overly complicated,

it just requires a bunch of work.

That’s what I’m here for.

If you want to know a little bit more

about how you can get organic ranking,

so traffic to your business

without having to pay an ad spend,

hit me up.

Let’s have a chat.

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Business Owners SEO

If your website isn’t becoming to you it should be coming to us!

Hey, hey, hey! Listen, If your website isn’t becoming to you, it should be coming to us. Let me unpack that.

There are a lot of beautiful-looking websites in the market, and that’s awesome!

Everybody needs a website that’s aesthetically pleasing, and brand-oriented.

All of that is great.

But if we don’t apply, SEO principles to it. Just basic principles to it, like content, H1 tags, H2 tags, alt text, and a bunch more stuff, then really all you’ve got is a pretty brochure sitting on some shelf that will never see traffic or eyeballs or the light of day.

So listen, if you want a website that can bring you business, because most times you’re building a website so that you can have a spot to have inbound leads come to you, then hit me up.

Let’s have a discussion.

Let’s see if we can work together.

We build some of the most amazing SEO-optimized websites out there that can drive traffic and most importantly, conversions, leads, and sales for your business.

So hey!

Hit me up.

I love to have a chat.


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Customer Relationship Management Software

Hey, hey, hey. Listen, you might not need something this complex. Let me just see if I can show it to you. And of course, kids do this all the time with their cameras, but I don’t know how to fricking do it. But that’s just part of automation that we have and we use that we can help you with your lead flow.

And listen, it’s super important that if you can handle this on automation, most of it can be done that way, which would save you time so that you can stay doing what you’re doing and let the automation do most of the heavy lifting. So, if you want to find out a bit more about how we can get this to work, how we can get Facebook, Instagram, your emails, your text messages, your WhatsApp, all kind of coming together in one simple customer relationship management tool.

Hit me up. Let’s have a chat. Thanks.

Business Owners

Business Owners?

Hey, hey, hey, business owners. If you have these issues, like never enough time in the day, too many hats you’re wearing, can’t get all the stuff done that you want, perhaps you need to take a look at one heck of an amazing software system where you can automate most, if not, all of these mundane tasks that need to get done on a regular basis.

Listen, we’re here to help. We’re here to remove some of those pain points and help you guys grow your businesses. Hit me up. Let’s have a chat.

Contractor Marketing

Renovation Contractors Listen Up

Hey, hey, hey!

Renovation contractors,

I need you to listen up

just for a second.

What if I told you

if you had a database

full of customers

with phone numbers

and emails

that we can bring them

back to the table

with no additional ad spend

and drive more revenue

for your business

in the next few days?

Listen, hit me up.

Let’s have a chat.

Let’s see if this will work for you

and let’s see what kind of

outcomes we can bring.

Okay, talk soon.